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They watch us from the depths of the ocean

They watch us from the depths of the ocean Original 12" x 12" canvas Free Shipping in USA Replica 12"x 12" wood Replica 9"x 9" wood Replica wood 6"x 6" wood Replica miniature 4"x 4" wood 2017
SelectOriginal 12" x 12" $75.00 USDReplica 12" x 12" wood $69.99 USDReplica 9" x 9" wood $49.99 USDReplica wood 6" x6" wood $26.99 USDReplica miniature 4" x 4" wood $10.00 USD

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Eyes in the Shadows

Eyes in the Shadows solid wood with frame original mix paint Free Shipping in USA 13"1/2 x 16"

Two Bodies / Blondie Blond

Two Bodies 

Blondie Blond

Invisible Wings Mystic Owl

Invisible Wings Mystic Owl mix paint 8" x 10" Replica in wood Free Shipping in USA  $45.99

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Miniature Art 4" x 4"

You can can make your order and buy your art in miniature
Free Shipping in USA size 4" x 4" 

Selectalien wood $10.00 USDjiraf wood $10.00 USDowl eye wood $10.00 USDgirl looking up wood $10.00 USDelefant zebra wood $10.00 USD A post shared by #mayrarosado (@1ofakindarts) on Oct 11, 2016 at 5:06pm PDT
A post shared by #mayrarosado (@1ofakindarts) on Oct 11, 2016 at 5:10pm PDT
A post shared by #mayrarosado (@1ofakindarts) on Oct 11, 2016 at 5:07pm PDT
Soon the collection size 4x4 A post shared by #mayrarosado (@1ofakindarts) on Oct 18, 2016 at 7:17am PDT

Apsolute Space launch Florida Replica Map


Alien Life Regular Replica Florida Map

Alien Regular Replica Florida Map 9"1/2 x 9" solida wood FREE SHIPPING in USA $ 19.99 

NASA Regular Replica Florida Map


Express yourself Regular Replica Florida Map


Fantasy County Replica Map "Orlando,Fl."


Fantasy Love to Love Girl Florida Regular Map


Florida Regular Replica Happy Map


Florida Regular Wood Map

Buy here Replica in solid wood each $19.99

Mini Florida Art Map


Hang Up Solid Wood Mermaids

Hang Up Solid Wood Mermaids Stained glass, paint etc..

Mermaid Crowns (Tiaras) for Girls

If you have any activity like a mermaid birthday etc ... Please contact us with 3 months in advance to make your tiaras. 





FREE SHIPPING in USA $21.99 each  SelectAB-1 $21.99 USDAB- 2 $21.99 USDAB- 3 $21.99 USDAB- 4 $21.99 USDAB-5 $21.99 USD

Magic Keys

The key represent the secret and mystery of opening or closing everything in your favor. They open doors and closed containers indicating that whoever has the key is able to access a secret that few or anyone has access to.  The key is a symbol of power and initiation. The keys not only serve to open, but also close, so that they constitute a reminder of the oath of discretion in societies where a secret is shared. In magic, he who has the "key" (key) necessary to access the spiritual or archetypal currents that rule this world, not only knows the initial ritual appropriate for "openness," but also knows the protocol of " Closing "at the end.  These keys are placed in the door frame of the entrance of your home.  Blue - to travel Red - for love Green - for money entry Violets - for health Orange - for work success Pink - for family unity Silver - for provicion do not missGold - for success in own business White - for peace at home Black

# keys for $5.00 F…